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GE Profile Oven Troubleshooting and Error Codes

ge profile wall oven troubleshooting

Due to many reasons, your GE profile wall oven may get problems. Some of them can be fixed by simple repair service, but others will be fixed by a part replacement or whole unit replacement. If you want to try yourself to solve GE profile oven problems, we are here to help you. In this article, we are come up with simple GE profile wall oven troubleshooting tips for common problems and error codes.

GE Profile Wall Oven Troubleshooting Guide

Get the definitions for GE wall oven error codes and solutions for common problems.

Oven Error Codes and Fault Functions

You can see fault codes in all wall oven models which feature electronic oven controls. When electronic control displays fault codes, the issue has to be diagnosed and fixed. Here, we have listed the common GE profile wall oven error codes and their meanings.

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F0 and F1 - These codes indicate that there is a problem with the keypanel. Mostly, the keypanel needs to be replaced when you get F0 and F1 error codes.

F2/ F20 - It means that your oven temperature has exceeded the preset threshold for an unknown reason.

F3 - This fault code indicates the problem with the upper cooling fan circuit. Moreover, there might be an obstruction in the cooling fan.

F4 - When the wall oven's sensor needs to be replaced, you can get error F4.

F5 - This signifies the issue with the electronic control. You have to replace the electronic control to fix the error.

F6 & F7 - If there is a problem with the keypanel, these error codes will display. It indicates the necessity of keypanel replacement.

F8 - Issue with the electronic control. Need of it's replacement.

F9 - This code indicates a component failure somewhere in the oven door lock circuit.

F96, F97 and F7X - These codes will be displayed because of an internal component failure. It needs to be replaced.

FC - Error code indicates an issue with a component in the door lock circuit. The component might be failed so check and replace it if necessary.

FD - Indicates the failure of a probe or the receptacle. So, replace either probe or receptacle.

FF - This code tells you the replacement of electronic control.

Bad Line - This error code displays when power is applied to your wall oven but it has not been wired correctly. So, you need to contact a professional to check the wrong wiring and help to run the oven’s functioning normally.

Unlock Door - If the door won't unlock after a self-clean cycle, you can see this fault code. By resetting the controls, you can unlock the oven door.

Loc Door - If "Loc Door" is flashing on the display of your GE profile oven and the self-clean cycle has not been selected, you have to reset the controls.

ERR - This code means that there is an invalid entry when you set the oven controls.

OFF - When you set the oven for self-clean, you may get this error code. It signifies the wall oven is too hot and it needs to be allowed to cool down and then retry. Moreover, you will get "OFF" when you are trying to bake or broil in your unit shortly after the self-clean cycle cool down period has ended. Hence, leave the GE oven longer to cool down.

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GE Profile Oven Door Will Not Unlock

If the door has locked accidentally:

Check for the food particles in the wall oven. If you notice food in the unit, let the oven down to room temperature and try to unlatch the door.

If your oven does not have any food or utensils, then start the self-clean cycle and hit the clear or off pad after a minute. Even after this if your unit's door is not unlocked, try to run a short self-clean cycle.

Try with turning the circuit breaker off and turning it back on to release the door latch switch and unlock the door.

If still, the profile wall oven's door is unlocked, you have to take the service of a technician.

If the door is not unlocked after self-cleaning:

To unlock the oven door, disconnect power to your unit for 30 seconds and restart power. Now, check if the door will unlatch.

If not, set your oven for 1-2 hours of self-cleaning cycle. After completion of a cycle, wait for 30 minutes and then try to unlock the door. If the door unlocks, the oven will reset itself and no problems occur. You should not force the latch at any time.

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Wall Oven Preheat Time is Too Long

According to your wall oven model, the preheat time may vary.

If your oven is installed at the correct voltage, i.e., 120 volts for gas and 240V for electronic, check the preheat times below.

  • Electric oven with a hidden bake element and the fast preheat feature can take up to 7-10 minutes to preheat.
  • Electric ovens with hidden bake elements and gas ovens will take around 15 to 20 minutes to preheat.
  • Ovens with a visible bake element can take 5 to 10 minutes to preheat.

Now, we will see the factors that are caused by alters in the preheat time.

  • Starting temperature of the oven.
  • Selected temperature. Every 25 degrees increment above a 350 degree set temperature adds nearly 45-60 seconds to the oven's preheat time.
  • Room temperature can affect the preheat time.
  • The number of racks in the profile wall oven.
  • A fault volt installation of your gas or electric oven will increase the preheat time.

If your wall oven is taking so much time to preheat than normal:

Turn off the circuit breaker for the wall oven. After 30 seconds, turn the breaker to ON. This will make sure that the circuit breaker is set correctly and the unit is getting full power.

If your oven is newly installed, check the power cord/ supply to ensure that it was wired to the unit correctly.

Wall Oven Cooking Too Slow or Too Fast

If your oven is cooking too fast or too slow, thermostat calibration might be required.

For the new oven, the thermostat has been set in the right position. However, you can find the difference in cooking times between old and new ovens.

Final Words

Hope this guide on GE profile wall oven troubleshooting helped you to fix the common error codes and problems. However, sometimes shutting off the circuit breaker that your oven is connected to for a half minute may clear the error code or fix the issue. Also, try with unit resetting to fix GE profile wall oven problems. For further more assistance on GE profile oven troubleshooting, refer to the manual or contact a qualified technician.

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